Why are Funko Pop! Figures So Popular?

What makes Funko Pop so popular?

It’s no secret that the Funko Pop! toyline is one of the most popular and accessible series of pop culture-related collectibles worldwide. Ever since 2011, Funko Pop has grown into a toy industry behemoth with its figures taking over the collectible landscape, and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in profit while continuously expanding their roster.

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Goompastomp.com wrote an article about the Funko Pop figures in april 2019. Read it here;

The company has transformed nearly every pop culture icon into a figurine with a collection that includes well over 1000 unique licenses from movies, TV, comic books, video games and other forms of pop culture. Funko’s Pop Vinyl figurines have a wide range of options to choose from and because of the staggering amount of new figures they release each month, Funko Pop’s fan base continues to grow.

By embracing any and every pop culture property that they can get licensed for, there’s honestly something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of their line of Star Wars or Star Trek figures, you might be interested in a collection of Pops from the Walking Dead, Harry Potter, NBA, Disney, or even Game of Thrones. Just pick a popular franchise, and chances are, Funko has secured the rights to it.

It helps too that the figures all share a strict aesthetic template. As a collector, what attracts me most to the toyline is how no matter what the license, when I place them on my shelf, they all blend in nicely together. Regardless if it’s a Pop figure of Elton John, Michael Myers, Ned Stark, Spider-Man, Kratos or Walter White, none of the figures will stick out like a sore thumb when displayed side by side.

Of course, it also helps that the price tag of Funko POP figures averages $9.99, making them far more affordable than other collectibles on the market. And if you’re an avid Funko Pop collector, chances are you’ve picked up at least one of the rarest figures that can go up into the thousands price-wise either because they were only ever sold at an event or were produced in super-limited quantities.

I’ve been collecting Pops for only a short period of time but thanks to Fun.com who were kind enough to send me an entire box of figurines, my collection has steadily grown over recent months. To celebrate, I decided it would be fun to put together a list of what I think are the best of the bunch and in doing so, I can also return the favor and plug the Fun.com website for being so generous.

There are literally Funko Pop toys for everything that you can imagine, and with the seemingly endless number of brands and franchises, it took me quite a while to narrow down my picks. Whether it be a Funko POP! that you can buy just about anywhere or extremely rare exclusives that you can only buy at a convention, here is my list of the best Funko Pop! Figures money can buy.


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