Hillman Reid Moustache Comb no 1

Hillman Reid Moustache Comb no 1 - LazyWeekday

Hillman Reid Moustache Comb no 1

This is the smallest comb we have, with the finest teeth spacing on a stainless comb on the market. Fits right under your nose! Moustache Comb is less than 1” high and lets your thumb rest to the outside of the teeth. It’s very simple and completely perfect for your moustache project! Warm it in running hot water and spread your moustache wax with complete ease!!! Let’s see wood or plastic do that. Imperial = 4.25in x 0.84in / Metric = 108 x 21


Finally I got my drone! Works perfect. Couldn´t be happier!


The leggings are great!! I´m in my happy place right now.


I bought a beer can cover to my husband for his 50th birthday, and he loved it. Happy wife!


Its my favorite store! The prices are great, and customer service always helps out.

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